Plaid Antler Plaque

We've seen this idea floating around Pinterest and we thought it would be perfect for our cocktail party.  We were going for a ski lodge-meets-modern glam look for the event so I wanted to figure out how to do a "trophy" wall of small "antler mounts", using plaid fabric with gold tipped antlers.  

  • Wooden plaque (craft store), spray painted black
  • Sticks, spray painted black with gold spray paint on the tips
  • Egg-shaped styrofoam form (floral section, craft store), cut in half lengthwise for the head
  • Fabric scrap wrapped around "head," secure with hot glue
  • Hot glue "head" to plaque, stick "antlers" in, secure with craft glue
  • Hang with Command Strips

Here's a straight shot of our wall of antlers at our cocktail party, and I have to say, the effect was pretty dramatic for something so easy to do!   Give it a try and send us a photo of your wall!