Cheers! ... Little Yellow Couch Cocktail Party


You know how, in the stressful couple of days leading up to a party, you occasionally wonder if it’s all worth it?  When you’re shoving things under beds because you put off cleaning until the last minute; when you’re still in sweatpants 5 minutes before people arrive and you’re trying to stab individual chocolate covered raspberries with drink stirrers so that your martinis will look like a photo on Pinterest; when you’re hoping the spray paint will dry, the glitter will stick and the ceramic deer head won’t fall on top of a guest and you actually consider crazy gluing the thing to the wall without your husband seeing you…(C’mon, people, tell me you know what I’m talking about).  Well, I can say with confidence that it must have been worth it because we had a BLAST!!!  And I’m still married.  So.  (There will probably be another party).  


My husband and I have been hosting annual holiday parties but this year he was really lucky!  It was a Little Yellow Couch gathering, which meant Karen June and I both were coming up with harebrained ideas.  Ones that simply must be implemented or there’d be no point in even having a party.   For example, the whole “must have more plaid” mantra that translated into plaid pillows, plaid runners, plaid coasters, plaid ornaments, plaid swags, plaid hanging from the windows…; the “we need antlers, but we don’t have antlers, we’ll make our own antlers” idea, the “it’s obvious we need to reupholster the furniture” decision… (That was Pete’s favorite).  


Anyway,  Karen June and I can’t help ourselves.  Our secret daily goal is to get each of our husbands to say, “ummmm, honey?  Isn’t that a little over the top…?”  Then we know we’re about half way there to actually being over the top.  


My favorite idea is probably the one we came up with just a few days before the event: the “a photo booth would reeeeeally make the party click” idea.   But that’s what happens when Karen and I get together.  We egg each other on.   We immediately realized that we needed to create a background for the “booth.”  With hanging-down-thingies.  And props.  And lights.  But hey, we had FUN!  So it must have been a successful party.  


And when I say “success,” I mean that our guests didn’t hate us for making them hold props as we shoved them into our make-shift photo booth, they ate enough of the food to make us think they liked it, and they actually followed the directions when mixing up our signature cocktail…and then helped themselves to another.  At Little Yellow Couch, it will always be all about the people and the experiences we have with them.  


(Honestly.  We need medical attention.  But not yet.  We’re planning January’s party and we’ve got some ideas we have to try out).



Zandra & Karen June