Thrift Store Remake: Plaid Portraits in Fancy Frames


Don't pass up those hideously framed copes of crappy art you find discarded in bins at a thrift store!  The ones that are probably a sickly pink color and came from grandma's powder room and were framing dried flowers from the 1980s.  If the frame has an interesting shape, buy it and start collecting them.  Then, when you realize you absolutely must have custom-made theme-related decor for your walls at a party you're hosting, you just have to dig into your stash of horrid thrift store frames.  I mean, how many times have you said to yourself, "Gee, if only my walls were adorned with artwork related to my theme for this customized party I'm throwing..." All the time, right?!  You can quickly take a can of spray paint and do 'em up in gold or black or whatever, cut out some decorative paper for your "mat" and find an interesting image online or create a little collage of your own.  Done!  

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