Feeling Cozy and Full of Thanks

We love the month of November!  Here in New England, the leaves are just finishing their brilliant color show, our sweaters are pulled out of storage and we’re wrapping ourselves in our favorite scarves.  The crisp air signals something in our bones…a recognition that it’s time to prepare for the end of the year.  For us that means reflecting on all there is to be thankful for in 2013 and getting ready to celebrate our connections with family and friends over the holidays.  

We are really excited to have offered our Cozy Box this month!  The artists we’ve worked with have created items that represent what “cozy” feels like to us.  Elissa Starosto’s yarn and metal necklace  is the perfect piece of jewelry to take you from fall to winter.  Its long chain allows it to hang beautifully over a sweater and the modern colors combined with the softness of the yarn makes a statement for any fashionista (whether you take that moniker seriously or not!).   The blood orange and pomegranate candle,  hand poured and scented by Liz Frazier, has been lighting up our living rooms this month. We’ve also kept it at our workspaces so that we can enjoy it even when we aren’t curled up with a book.  And Mara Minuzzo’s art block has been happily sitting on our mantels (or bookcases, since we don’t have fireplaces)!  We love its reference to vintage paint-by-numbers pieces and the scene with pheasants and birch trees brings the color and feel of fall into our homes.   


Our favorite activities this month have been our soup exchange party; learning a new way to make bread  from scratch that’s so easy and do-able, even for anyone with a busy life; putting together a cluster of terrariums  to use as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving; and making a fabric basket to hold all the blankets we’ll be grabbing when we go to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea. 

Believe it or not, tomorrow is the start of December and we’ll be offering a new way to shop with Little Yellow Couch in time for the holidays.  We’ll also be offering some deals on shipping, so be sure to check it out!  December 1st also means we’ll have a new calendar for your computer’s desktop so If you’d like to access the link, simply join our mailing list and you can have a new one starting tomorrow and every month thereafter! 

Looking forward to see you in December!  


Zandra and Karen June