Thrift Store Remake - Hand Warmers


You can search the racks of any consignment or thrift shop for a plentiful supply of cozy flannel shirts.  (You might even have some in your closet).  We used kids’ sizes and each shirt made about 5 pairs of hand warmers.  

We mixed and matched flannels on either side of our warmers, but a single fabric will do.  After cutting out palm sized squares, we sewed them right-sides together including a small length of grosgrain ribbon for a thumb loop.   We then turned the whole thing right-side out, pouring in dry rice and hand stitching closed.   To keep your hands cozy, toss warmers in the microwave to heat them up.  You might want to experiment with the length of time, depending on the strength of your microwave … our pair only needed about 20 seconds.  

If you’re hosting for the holidays, stitch up a bunch for your guests and display in a bowl allowing guests to help themselves before they take a walk outside. Hand warmers would also make a nice hostess gift if you’re the one visiting, or tie them to a present for an extra special embellishment!  

Stay Warm and Cozy!

xoxo Karen June & Zandra