Felted Acorn Necklace

These felted acorns are popping up all over the place!  Last week, we showed you a woodland themed napkin ring using felted acorns and velvet ribbon for your Thanksgiving table as well as using them as an embellishment for your Leftovers Take-Home Box.  Our friend Julie Vician over at the Fabric Place Basement not only shared her acorn cap stash with us, but even gave us a few of her prized double caps!  Now, I don't know about you, but when double capped acorns fall into our hands, how can we ignore the possibility of creating something with them?  Our felted acorn necklace would be a cozy adornment to your Fall wardrobe.  And if you're not as lucky and can only find single caps, don't despair!  A single acorn necklace would be so sweet!


Printable DIY Instructions


Double Acorn Caps
Wool Roving (We used Solid Colored Merino from The Yarn Tree)
Felting Needle (We recommend the Clover Single Needle Felting Tool at Create for Less)
Felting Mat (We recommend the Clover Needle Felting Mat at Create for Less
Wool Sheet Felt (We recommend Sweet Emma Jean)

Power Drill 
1/16” Drill Bit
Wire Cutters 
Jewelry Pliers
Glue Gun
Hole Punch
Embroidery Thread (We used DMC 434)
Embroidery Needle
Chain Necklace   (We shortened our chain to 20")
Large Jump Ring (We used 7mm)


1.  Gather your supplies for felting.

2.  Gather your supplies for creating the necklace.

3.  Choose your wool roving.  Gently tear off a long thin piece about 14” long (mine is folded in half in the picture).

4.  Loosely wrap your wool roving into a ball.  It will be about 3 times the size of your finished ball.

5.  Using your Felting Brush and Felting Needle, felt two balls - periodically checking to see how they fit in the acorn caps.  

6.  Using your power drill, drill a small hole in each of the two acorn caps.  Be careful to keep your fingers out of the way of the drill bit!

7.  Cut a small piece of wire and create a loop for your acorns by feeding through the two holes.  Splay the ends of your wire using jewelry pliers.  (Glue will later hold these wires in place.)

8.  Using your hot glue gun, glue your felted balls into the acorn caps.  

9.  Using the leaf templates provided, cut out one of each leaf size.  Following the pattern, embroider the leaf veining using a backstitch.  (If you would like to hide the back of your embroidery, you can cut out a second leaf in each size and glue to the backs.)

10.  Punch a hole through the base of both leaves.  

11.  Using a large jump ring, attach the leaves and acorns to your necklace.  

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