Shopping List - Woodland Wonders

Thoughts of Fall begin to conjure up daydreams of woodland creatures and rustic nature, cozy fireplaces and woolen artistry.  As we start to spend more of our time indoors, we look to find ways to bring a bit of nature into our surroundings.  We've  curated a list of Woodland Wonders for you to daydream about and add to your shopping list.  

xoxo Zandra & Karen June


1.  Woodland Scene Terrarium Locket via Ingredients for Lovely

2.  Note from Camp Stationery Set via One Canoe Two

3.   Out of the Woods Postcard Collection via The Black Apple

4.  Twig Spoons via Michiko Shimada

5.   Young Mr. Fox Locket via This Years Girl

6.   National Parks Checklist Map via Ello There

7.   Silver, Mustard, Navy & Seafoam Chevron Painted Antler via Made by Cassandra Smith

8.   Deer and Fox Print via Wild Life Prints

9.   Owl Collar Clips via Ladybird Likes

10.   Maple Journal with Long Stitch and Reinforced Binding via Boarding School

11.   Bodhi Feathers Watercolor Print via River Luna

12.   1940's Style Golden Fascinator via Green Trunk Designs

13.   Felted Mushroom Ornaments via Balloon Highway