It’s November and autumn is a favorite time of year for many of us, mainly because the weather encourages us to get cozy!  There’s something very satisfying about pulling out your sweaters from storage and reaching for a blanket while you curl up on the couch.  November is also the start of holiday season, which can be a crazy, whirlwind kind of time, sort of the opposite of what we think of when we say the word “cozy.”  At Little Yellow Couch, we’re going to try to combine the feeling of coziness with gearing up for the holidays.  In our daily posts, we’ll talk about ways to do this, so stay tuned!


We are delighted with what the artists have done for our November Box!  In it, you’ll find a hand-poured candle that infuses the scents of pomegranate and blood orange into a room, a charming bit of artwork for your mantle or wall and a gorgeous necklace that is both casual and feels like a statement piece.  All of them express ways in which you can cozy up your home and your wardrobe during this delightful time of year!  You can visit our Artist Pages to see more photos and learn a little bit about the people who have handcrafted these items.  And, as always, we only have a limited number of boxes for sale,  so make your purchases before it’s too late!



Looking forward to the month ahead,

xoxo Zandra and Karen June