Fall Vignette


I collect a lot of odds and ends from thrift stores, antique shops and things my sons bring in from outdoors.   I don’t have a whole lot of display space for these collections so I make use of a barrister bookcase in my living room, calling it my “mantel.” I’m particularly happy to have Mara Minuzzo’s art block from our box this month sitting amongst my other treasures.  My husband can’t stand having stuff everywhere (and by that I mean my stuff.  He seems perfectly fine with the receipts, movie stubs, candy wrappers and other “stuff” that make up his shrines on the desk or bureau.  (Funny how that works).  Anyway, I don’t like having dust-collectors for the sake of having “stuff” either.  Everything I put out has a personal story behind it that means something to me or is something that I simply love, aesthetically.  When you pair down to those essentials, you’ll start to really enjoy the small vingnettes you can create in one or two places in your home.  It’s like having an miniature art gallery that changes every season or so. 

xoxo Zandra