Writing Desk Shopping List

Writing and receiving handwritten letters is just civilized.  Our e-mail inboxes  are overflowing daily with quick hellos, business correspondence, forwards and spam.  But nothing compares to the anticipation of what might be in the mailbox.  I still open my door with anticipation soon after the postal truck drives away.  Could it be a personal letter, a invitation to an upcoming celebration or even a small package?  There is something unique about the personal connection that comes through the mail.  Our days are full and so the convenience of technology makes sure that we stay in touch. But, like anything else in our lives, carving out a physical space for an activity can often ensure that we make it happen.  Below, we have curated a small shopping list to help get you back to pen and paper.  Equipping your writing desk will help you make these connections one letter or package at a time.  

xoxo Karen June



1.  Wooden Washi Tape Dispenser via In the Clear

2.  Embroidered Paper Clip Boxes via sensationery

3.  Arrows Pencil Case via Urban Bird & Co.   

4.  Bright Colored Trays Desk Organizer via Mister True 

5.  Self Inking Address Stamps via The Paper Paramour

6.  Pick a Pencil 12 Pack via Earmark Social Goods

7.  Modern Wood Desk Organizer via The Design Pallet

8.  Washi Tape Trio via Swanston St. Supplies

9.  2014 Letterpress Calendar with Wood Stump via 1 Canoe 2

10.  Floral Stationery Set via Jamie Lundberg