Travel Shopping List - Not All Who Wander Are Lost

While brainstorming our theme, "Let's Be Civilized", we kept coming back to the topic of travel.  There was a day when travel was much more of a novelty and well ... much more civilized!  Much thought was put into what one would wear and how one's luggage coordinated.  Thought was even put into ways to make oneself more comfortable and at home both while traveling and at one's destination.  Here are are few handmade and vintage items carefully selected to inspire you to get out and explore the world in style! 


1.  World Globe via Vintage Wall

2.  Travel Journal via Print Stitch & Paste

3.   Vintage Red Travel Clock via La Roux Vintage

4.   Jewelry Organizer via Vic and Albie

5.   Vintage Niagra Falls Pennant via The Blue Ram

6.   Leather Luggage Tags via Divina Denuevo

7.   Compass Necklace via LuLu Bug Jewelry

8.   Mid-Century Luggage via Tawney Vintage