Thrift Store Remake - Travel Candle

Both Zandra and I love to travel ... whether weekend jaunts with our families or broadening our cultural horizons overseas.  The excitement and novelty of someplace new inspires us to try new things or just experience things anew.  However, when traveling, we both find that there is something comforting about bringing a bit of home on our journeys.  A simple way to do this is with a small travel candle.  Lighting a candle with a favorite scent in your hotel or guest room can not only relax your travel weary self, but bring the comforts of home to your temporary lodging.  For our travel candles, we melted down the scented wax from our used-up jar and pillar candles.  We repoured them into small tins - easy sizes for adding to your luggage.  Bon Voyage!  



  • small tins
  • used candles for repurposing
  • pre-waxed candle wicks with clips (we recommend 2" wicks from Create for Less)
  • wick adhesive tabs (we recommend wick accessories keeper 15mm from Create for Less) 
  • melting and pouring container (we recommend 8" seamless pouring container from Create for Less) 
  • large cooking pot for boiling water and setting melting/pouring container into
  • scissors for trimming wicks

Here is a great tutorial on how to melt and pour recycled candles via  Sew Tara .