Our Guide to a Civilized Lifestyle

When thinking about topics to cover that are at the core of what Little Yellow Couch is all about, we kept coming back to this idea that the little details in life are what make an event, a gift, or even a moment of alone time feel special.  Back when there was a little less “stuff” in the world to choose from…back when anything worth buying actually cost enough that you’d want to take care of it…there was more time to appreciate the details.  There was less rushing, less rudeness, and less of an “everything is disposable” mindset.  In short, life was a bit more civilized. We’ve come to the realization that it all boils down to the choices we make about how to interact with others and how we treat ourselves.  Grace, empathy, and high expectations (for behavior as well as craftsmanship) are this month’s guiding principles.


We’re finding that the fun part of civilized living is all in the details:  we’ve picked up some old quips to incorporate into our conversations, thanks to the entertaining “Let’s Bring Back” series by Lesley M. M. Blume.  From hilarious retorts made by Oscar Wilde to Bogart and Bacall movies to fountain pens and trousseux, we love Ms. Blume’s plea to bring back all that’s worth reviving!    

We’ve immersed ourselves in the world of handcrafted perfumes, thanks to the guidance of master perfume critic, Steve Johnson (he’ll be sharing his tips on how to start your own collection with us later this month).  We’ve also read Kathleen Tessaro’s wonderful novel, The Perfume Collector.  It’s the story of two women, one of whom comes of age in the 1920s and finds herself involved with a genius perfumer.  The other is a young wife, coming to terms with a rocky marriage and making her way to Paris uncovering the life of the first woman.  We highly recommend it!  

And Robert Heiss has given us quite an education in tea culture in preparation for Little Yellow Couch’s High Tea.   He is one half of the duo from Tea Trekker a tea shop in Northampton, MA where you can purchase the teas they have sourced on their trips to India, China and Japan.  We’ll be interviewing him later this month and sharing what we’ve learned on how to treat yourself to the daily ritual of partaking in a cup of tea.  

Little Yellow Couch's High Tea (the scrumptious details of which we will share next week) was inspired by Angel Adoree's The Vintage Tea Party Year.  Angel's book was our guide to thinking outside the box when it comes to tea parties and to allow them not only to be an expression of who we are but to also connect with our guests in a very personal way.  Her book is filled with ideas, recipes and gorgeous photographs that inspire you to take those special details to the next level and really delight your guests. 


Throughout the month, we’ll be offering style guides, DIYs, printables and loads of juicy photos related to our theme.  We’d love to hear the ways in which you’re incorporating civilized living into your daily routines!  Post something on our Facebook page , comment on our Blog, or Drop us a line


Zandra & Karen June