Every Woman Should Have a Vanity

 …at least that’s my new motto.  I’ve never had one before but since working on the “Let’s Be Civilized” theme, I’ve come to appreciate the usefulness and purpose of a vanity.   I found this one on Craigslist for 40 bucks. 


In the past, I’ve always just put my make-up on in the bathroom trying to see through the steamed up mirror, or on my bed while trying not to sit on my eyeliner, or, like I’m currently doing, using a mirror so small I can’t see my whole face at once, on top of my dresser, with horrible lighting.  But now:


To transform the Craigslist  bargain into something I’d want to actually use, I started with the seat.  First I found a sophisticated, feminine, mod-sort-of fabric at The Fabric Place Basement and then chose a lovely jewel-toned green shade to make it pop.


And, after setting up all of my personal affects, I get why women (the ones who could afford it…before there was Craigslist) always had a vanity as part of their dressing spaces.  For one thing, having a decently lit, large enough mirror with which to actually see your face is a step toward leaving the house with your lipstick on within the lines of your actual lips.


Secondly, and more importantly, it creates a space for you to center yourself for the day.  Now, some might argue that their morning 5k or an hour of power yoga does the trick.  But since I’m averse to such activities, I’m going to try the vanity route.


By giving myself a place that’s set aside only for me each morning, I’m making sure I look in the mirror, take stock of how I’m feeling, and mentally go through my list of goals and reasons why I know I can accomplish them.  I then put on my make-up, adorn myself with my jewelry, and finish with a spritz of perfume.  Now I feel ready to take on the world.  Or at least, today’s challenges.


When we say “Let’s Be Civilized,” we’re talking about honoring one’s inner grace and outer beauty, in all it’s forms.  Setting up a vanity is quite a civilized way to acknowledge your own presence and potential in the world, don’t you think?    We’d love to see photos of YOUR vanities!  Please send us an email!  

xoxo,  Zandra


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