Perfume Journal DIY

This week we're focusing on the art of developing a signature perfume collection.  Later in the week we'll learn from a pro on how to go about doing this.  But to get ready, we thought putting together a perfume journal would elevate the experience!  Using these printables and DIY steps, you can make this sweet notebook to tuck in your purse.  Whenever you stop into a boutique or department store and try out a new perfume, you can remember it for future reference, in style.  How very civilized!  

xoxo Karen June




Letter Weight Printer Paper

Card Stock Printer Paper


Glue Stick

Two  4 1/4" x 2 1/2" Glassine Envelopes (we recommend Stuff 4 Scrapbooking)

Sewing Needle

Heavy Duty Quilting Thread



1.  Collect your supplies. 

2.  Print and cut out journal cover and pages. 

3.  Apply glue stick to non-flap side of envelope on four sides.  Line bottom of envelope with edge of center black stripe. 

4.  Using a ruler or estimating, make a hole about every 1/4" along white line on        outside of journal cover. 

5.  Line up pages in center of cover lining.  Hold in place with your hands or use           paperclips / clothespins.

6.  Using cover holes as a guide, continue holes through the pages as well. 

7.  Thread needle and tie a knot in the end.  Begin stitching on the inside pages to hide knot.  Stitch cover and pages together.  The outside of the cover will have continuous stitches. 

8.  The inside pages will have double stitches on every other stitch as shown.   Slip needle through last stitch and tie off with a knot.