Fresh Flower Necklace DIY


At LYC, we think there is nothing quite as civilized as treating oneself or one's friends to fresh flowers.  Decorating your boudoir, dining room table ore entryway can add a fresh moment to your day that makes you enjoy those spaces anew.  So, we decided why not adorn ourselves too!  These fresh flower necklaces are a perfect touch for a party, wedding or even a night out on the town.  Enjoy!

xoxo Karen June & Zandra

Printable Instructions



Felt (We like to use wool felt such as this selection from Create for Less)


Hole Punch (preferably with small diameter, however holes will be covered with flowers)

Jump Rings (we used 6mm jump rings via Supply Pusher)

Chain Necklace (we recommend antiqued brass necklaces via House of Joiwind)

Jewelry Cutters (we recommend jewelry cutters via Create for Less)

Jewelry Pliers (we recommend chain nose pliers via Create for Less)

Fresh Flowers

Hot Glue Gun 



1.  Gather your supplies.  

2.  Cut two pieces of felt using the necklace pattern and glue together using hot glue gun.  Using hole punch, make two holes in the felt for hanging chain.  Using jewelry pliers, open jump rings and hook through holes in felt. 

3.  Fold chain in half to find center, snip using jewelry cutters.  Attach jump ring to chain and close using chain nose pliers. 

4.  With scissors, snip a variety of flowers at the base of their heads.  Start by gluing your focal flower in place using your hot glue gun. 

5.  Beginning at the base of your focal flower, hot glue smaller buds in a circular pattern to fill the rest of your felt base.  Make sure to lift the petals of your focal flower to tuck smaller buds beneath.  

6.  Adorn yourself or your guests and enjoy!