Let's Be Civilized

Working on this month’s theme has been a delight!  What does it mean to cultivate a civilized lifestyle?  To us, it means treating others and yourself to the best you have to offer.  And what you can offer, no matter your financial or social situation, is kindness and a true appreciation for quality.  If you think about it, the era of civilized living may have been about good manners and luxury spending.  But underneath the trappings was the desire to make someone feel comfortable and welcome in a social exchange and an appreciation for the extra layer of detail that went into finely crafted things.


This month, our collection of handmade goods makes manifest some of the concepts of civilized living we’ll be discussing.  Ceramicist Cara Taylor has crafted for us a sleek white vase with an elegant row of teal beading down one side.  We want this vase to inspire everyone to treat themselves to a handful of fresh flowers each week.  When you regularly bring this little luxury into your home, you’ve made room for a breath of composed beauty in the midst of the chaos.  And there you have it: your first step toward a commitment to civilized living!


Before you step out into the world each day, remind yourself that you are beautiful, capable and magnetic.  One of the most powerful ways to convey these attributes is through perfume.  By adding less than 30 seconds to your morning routine, you can carry a scent with you throughout the day with confidence and style.  Working with Julie Wray of Olivine Atelier has been such a pleasure and we are so excited to offer one of her signature creations in an exclusive 10ml bottle of eau du parfum.  It’s called “She Belongs There” and we believe that its layers of fragrance perfectly evoke that feeling of belonging in your own skin, ready to capture the good fortune of the day.


And for the finishing touch, a hair accessory by Diana Foree of Ladylike Handmades.  It used to be that men and women wouldn’t leave the house without a hat or some other headpiece.  It was the final bit of style that let everyone know you were ready to take on the world.  Diana’s crocheted floral ruffle is casual enough to wear anywhere so that you can get in the habit of dressing in a civilized manner every day.  Cultivating your personal style is one way of defining who you are…a quality sorely lacking in today’s sweatpant-clad society.