Jeweled Interiors

Jewel Marlowe


How to be a maximalist in 13 easy moves

I have a lot of fun talking with my guest this week, Jewel Marlowe.  I've been dying to get to know her since discovering her Instagram account because I could tell from her style that she's someone who would probably make me laugh.  And she does not disappoint!  Jewel is the blogger behind Jeweled Interiors and also works as an interior designer.  She is a master of the mix, meaning she can take three objects that look like they have nothing in common and figure out how to make them all work in the same space using the magic of color, pattern and scale.  And luckily she's able to share how she does this with us during the episode.  Jewel has honed her talents over the 13 different homes that she's lived in as a military spouse.  So if any of you can relate to that, this one's for you! 

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