Ingrid Fetell Lee:

Joy in Design


Why we love things (and why we shouldn’t feel badly about it).

My guest this week is author Ingrid Fetell Lee.  She's just written a book called "Joyful:  The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness."  And let me tell, you, I read it a few months ago and I can't stop thinking about it!  It's not an interior design book and yet it has given me so many ideas and so much inspiration for continuing to create a home I love.  Ingrid followed her curiosity for 10 years before putting pen to paper.  She wanted to figure out why certain objects or environments illicit a spontaneous, immediate feeling of joy and why.  And I think you can relate to this because I assume that one of the main reasons you listen to this podcast is because, just like me, you do a crazy happy dance when you find the perfect score at an antiques show, or a new artist whose work you can afford, or some new fabric or color you can bring home with you... I think you'll find Ingrid's line of questioning really interesting.  Why do these things make us feel the way we do and why does it matter?  On top of that, is our love of things completely materialistic or is there some important good that can come from our purchases.  Ingrid makes me feel like I'm some kind of reporter on NPR because of how deep we go into sociology, psychology and desingn... and because of how smart she is.  So I hope you get a lot out of this interview because I sure did!  Here we go.  



Ingrid’s home (as featured in Real Simple magazine):