Holiday Style Tips 2015

Our style stories & bigger than the three of us

Photography provided by Our Style Stories

Photography provided by Our Style Stories

Hilary Rose Walker, Our Style Stories

Hilary is sharing a few different ideas on how she gets the most joy out of the season.  At this point in her life, her holiday centers around her young son and the fact that she doesn't live close to the rest of her family, which means she and her family of three are traveling.  So how do you incorporate rituals and traditions into your holiday style when you're away from your own home but still want to make your home feel special?  Listen in on what Hilary does...


Ashley, Bigger Than The Three of Us

Next you'll hear from Ashley of Bigger Than The Three of Us. She, too, has discovered a way to choose what's essential for her holiday style.  If you feel weighed down by all of the decor that you've collected over the years, Ashley will inspire you to let it go!