Holiday Stories 2015

For this episode, our last of 2015, we're going out on a high note!  No tips or best practices....just very personal, delightful stories about the experience of the holidays.  Our hope is that you'll take a moment in the frenzy of these last few days of December and just allow yourself to get lost in these short stories.

Red House West is comprised of Mera Matthews and Katie Bennett, two friends who live thousands of miles apart, both in red houses, with a shared love for home and style.  Follow them at RedHouseWest.














Next comes Jenna LaFevor of Rain On A Tin Roof.  If you're not laughing by the end of this story, it might be a sign that you're taking life too seriously. 

You can find more stories, DIYs and household adventures from Jenna at RainOnATinRoof.


We're so happy to share Christina Cleveland's story about her favorite New Year's Eve traditions.  We love New Year's...the promise of a fresh start and looking ahead to projects and goals that we're excited about.  But first, Christina gets us thinking about the celebration on the last night of the year before we forge ahead with 2016

You can find all of Christina's musings on fashion and home decor at TheFujiFiles.