fabric basket with chalkboard label

This DIY fabric basket with a chalkboard label is a versatile project and the label can be re-written to fit any use.  We use them for books and blankets.

Here are a few additional ideas for your home:

  • Write family member names and store in the mud room for hats, gloves, etc.
  • Set a few on your stairs for collecting items that are ready to be put away.
  • Put one in your car to organize your trunk space.
  • Leave in your spare room with extra towels and toiletries for your guests.
  • Use as a tote for toys as they can be easily carried using the handles.



1 yd. home decor fabric (for outside of bin) - FABRIC A 
1 yd. home decor fabric (for lining of bin) - FABRIC B 
1 2/3 yd. Sew-In Interfacing - Firm 
3" x 4" piece of Chalkboard Oilcloth 
Sewing Machine
Coordinating Sewing Thread
White Sewing Thread
Quilting Pins
Seam Ripper



  1. Cut out all of your pattern pieces.
  2. Pin Chalkboard Oilcloth piece to the right side of the exterior fabric.  Check pattern for suggested placement.  (Take care to pin along edges as pin holes will be permanent.)  
  3. Using white thread, sew 1/4" from the edge of the oilcloth followed by a second row just inside the first.  
  4. Pin interfacing to wrong side of exterior fabric (Fabric A).  
  5. Pin basket sides - right sides together - reusing existing pins. (If you prefer, you can baste interfacing prior to this step.)   Sew all four basket corner seams at 1/2".  
  6. Turn bin right side out.  Press all four seams and baselines to define basket edges.  Set aside.
  7. Pin interior fabric (Fabric B) sides together and sew seams at 5/8".  (This will allow the liner to be slightly smaller than the exterior.)  
  8. Turn interior fabric right side out to press the four corner seams and then turn inside out again and press baselines to define basket edges.  
  9. Place liner in basket.  Fold exterior fabric in 1/2" and interior fabric out 1/2".  Pin together starting at basket corners and then along all four sides.  (I do this by hand, but you can press first if you prefer.)  Set aside.
  10. To make the handles press raw edges of handle strips in lengthwise, 1/2" on each side.  Pin together with raw edges facing in.  Edge stitch both sides and press.  
  11. Pin handles with interior fabric side out and insert in top seam of basket - with outer edge of handles 2 1/2" from basket corners.  Handle ends should tuck 1" inside seam on either end.  
  12. Edge stitch top seam of bin.