Erica Tanov:

Design By Nature

Photo by Alanna Hale

Photo by Alanna Hale

When Karen Grant was co-hosting the podcast with me, we both fell in love with Erica Tanov and her book, Design By Nature: Creating Layered, Lived In Spaces, I knew this episode was one that I'd want to re-release and now is the perfect time because I'm excited to say that Erica has generously given me copies of her book to give everyone who comes to the Glamping Design Camp in Tulsa this October. Since that retreat is all about using nature as inspiration in our homes, I'm using her book as a jumping off point for the entire premise of the retreat. What I love about Erica is that she goes beyond just copying natural motifs in her designs. While she does have some literal things like fern leaves in her wallpaper, she also looks to natural objects for abstract inspiration. Tree bark, seed pods, rippling water and even weeds are re-imagined as color palates, textures and patterns. And that's what we're going to be working on during the Glamping Design Camp. You can get the full picture of what to expect during the retreat weekend at It's truly going to be a spectacular weekend, with great conversation, individual attention to each of your homes, hands-on workshops, delicious food, and,of course, the opportunity to sleep in total luxury under the starts! I hope you can join us! In the mean time, you're going to be energized to start bringing nature into your home after spending a little time with Erica today! So let's get started.


Design By Nature by Erica Tanov. We’re thrilled to be gifting a copy of this beautiful book to all of our guests at the Glamping Design Camp in Tulsa, OK this October!


Natural objects become patterns, textures and color palates:

Erica’s Bedroom with de Gournay wallpaper, painted over silver leaf that beautifully tarnishes over time, photo by Minh Ngoc.


Images from Erica’s workshop and examples of how nature can be used as your muse in your home. Photos by Minh Ngoc for the book, Design By Nature.


The brass ripple wall in Erica’s Marin County store, inspired by the way sunlight hits the ocean in the afternoon