Dress up your wooden hangers

At Little Yellow Couch, we are always looking for ways to infuse a bit of style into the mundane.  Little details can go a long way toward giving yourself a boost of happiness throughout your day.  Your favorite garments, for example, would be even more enjoyable to put on if they weren't hanging on a mishmosh of random plastic and wire hangers.  We picked up some inexpensive wooden hangers at Ikea to first make our closets look more organized.  Then we couldn't help but embellish a few.  You can be as creative as you'd like and make it a quick project or something that takes a little longer (basically waiting for the paint to dry, so it's not that big of a deal).  Look for our template below.  When you intersperse a few in your closet, we guarantee you'll smile the next time you look in there.  You could also show one off by hanging it from the back of the bathroom door for your robe.  And using a few for guests would be a lovely little surprise.  



Wooden Hangers (We picked up 8 for $4 at IKEA)
Paint (We use Behr Ultra Matte in Winter Fresh)
Foam Brush (Create for Less)
Metallic Gold Sharpie 
Pencil with New Eraser
Transfer Paper (We recommend Saral as any extra residue wipes clean with a wet cloth)


Mint with Gold Dots:  Paint hanger with three coats of paint, allowing to dry between coats.  Add polka dots freehand using a Metallic Gold Sharpie.  

Natural with Mint Dots:  Add paint dots freehand using paint and an unused pencil eraser.  

Mint with "You Look Marvelous" and Arrows:  Paint hanger with three coats of paint, allowing to dry between coats.  Draw arrow lines using a Metallic Gold Sharpie and a ruler.  We added our arrow points freehand.  Using our template below, print "You Look Marvelous" and apply to the hanger using transfer paper.  Use a damp cloth to remove any transfer paper residue - don't worry about swiping over lettering as it will not smudge.  Copy over text using a Metallic Gold Sharpie.