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What’s your design disposition?

Donna Garlough has done us all a huge favor by laying out plainly and clearly the best way to start any decorating project. It’s not based on rules of the trade or lists of designers’ favorite, go-to paint colors. It’s based on YOU. Your behaviors, your tendencies, your preferences. Kind of like a Myers-Briggs for your home. She’s written a book called “Your Home, Your Style: How to Find Your Look And Create Rooms You Love,” and in it, she explains her thought process, starting with your disposition and moving us through the 5 things she has found to be a factor in every decision you’ll make. We talk about all of this, plus her job as the Style Director for the furniture company, Joss & Main. Get out your pads and pencils because you’re going to want to take notes!

Photo by Allison Sepanek

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From Donna’s Book: “Your Home, Your Your Style”

All photography by Joyelle West, published by Rizzoli.

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Photos of Donna’s Home

All photography by Allison Sepanek