cloth napkin pillows

We aren't shy about making small changes on a regular basis.   When we spot a new fabric, treasured object or paint color, we immediately want to find a way to add it to our decor.  Expressing your aesthetic in your home not only makes you feel ... well at home, but also makes those you invite into your home feel comfortable as you share a bit of yourself with them.  And of course, as with all of the things we bring into our homes, we have to LOVE them!  

One of the most common suggestions for quickly refreshing a living room can be costly:  buying new throw pillows.  Sometimes they start at $75 a pop and can go up from there.  Even at the big box stores where they might cost around $35, you'll want to get several of them and you can easily spend over $100.  The thing about pillows is that they're one of the easiest things you can make yourself.  Just look in th table linens section for a wonderful collection of designs.  If you use napkins, dish towels or placemats you won't even have to worry about sewing the edges.  Pick two of the same design or mix them up.  


For napkins or placemats, you'll probably want to line them up, putting "right" sides together so that the "wrong sides" are facing out.  Sew three sides together.  If you want to be able to take out the inserts and wash them, put a zipper in the bottom.  Or if you're feeling lazy (like we do sometimes), just sew that last edge shut after you've stuffed your pillow inside.  Four straight lines and you are done!  If you're using rectangular dish towels, you could cut them so that they are both a little shorter but then overlap them before sewing shut so that you have an "envelope" pillow case, no zipper needed.  Viola!  A whole new look for your living room!