chalkboard library dividers



If you are fortunate enough to rent (or own!) a beach house, there's nothing that represents true relaxation as much as seeing a bunch of old beater books lying around.  You know those mass-marketed, "pocketbook" formatted editions of books that are smaller (but fatter) than their standard paperback cousins?  These are the kinds of books you'd want to have on vacation, to pick up on a lazy day.  You can bring them to the beach, folding back the cover as you read, brushing the sand off after you've dozed on your folding chair.  We're usually pretty careful with books, treating them with the respect they deserve.  But there's something really freeing about being so casual with these kinds of paperbacks, allowing yourself to get engrossed in a story that numerous other people have dipped into across many summers.  

For aesthetic reasons, we don't necessarily want to store these lovable but unsightly books in bookcases with favorite objects and other, personally meaningful, books.   Putting these rag-tag paperbacks in an old crate, divided according to genre, is the perfect match of utility and pleasure.  And it couldn't be simpler.  You stick a small chalkboard sign in-between the pages of the first book of each genre so you can easily browse for the kind of book that suits your mood.  And with any luck, others will bring their own sunscreen-splattered paperbacks and swap them with the ones left in the crate.  No need to ask permission.  It's just understood that this is a mini revolving library, set up for vacations where reading is the most strenuous thing you might do all day.