brass bracket frame

On one of our many hunting trips to an antique show, we found these wonderful brass...things.  There's some question about what they were originally used for.  Probably some kind of label holder on some kind of cabinet.  To us, they looked like little frames.

We each chose to frame something nautical because the brass reminded us of the hardware found on old ships.  One is an old black & white of a man at sea, also found at an antique shop, and the other is a little painting Zandra already owned by an artist living in Maine.  We were planning on hanging them directly on the wall using the holes in the sides.  When taking photos of the project, however, we simply placed them on top of some vintage books.  Turns out, we love how the colors of the covers offset the brass frames and so we'll affix them to the books permanently, creating a larger piece of found art!  

Next time you're antiquing keep your eyes out for anything that could be used to frame a small image.  Or perhaps you can find something similar, maybe a light switch plate, in your local hardware store.  Glue the whole thing onto an old book and you'll have yourself a little conversation starter.  Pretty cool, huh?