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This week, pro stylist Becki Griffin talks with me! How she does it, what she uses, what she shops for and lessons she's learned on a photo shoot that can be used by all of us in our regular, every day homes. She's been working in the interiors business for many years, styling covers and pages for magazines such as Country Living, as well as taking on her own clients for interior design. Becki is super funny and easy to be with, which is a big plus for anyone who gets to hang out with her. Which, by the way, could be you! Becki is teaching the styling workshop during our Little Yellow Couch Style & Antiques Retreat that's happening in September at The Vintage Round Top in Round Top, TX! As of this airing, early bird prices have just opened up so grab your spot so I can meet you in person! But first, let's get on with my interview with Becki.


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