Connect your home & life

with Anne Sage


Your life goals start with your home

One of my favorite books on design, and one that's had a lot of influence on how I think about helping clients with figuring out their aesthetic, is by Anne Sage and it's called Sage Living.  In this episode, which originally aired in 2016, we talk with Anne about her realization that her home could be a source of support as she was making a major life transition.  Since this episode, she’s launched two new projects, one being a working space for photoshoots in the design industry called Light Lab, and the other is a creative marketing agency called Influenced. She talks candidly about her personal life and how her professional life has taken many different turns, with the ups and downs all of us can relate to.  I think you're going to get a lot out of this episode when it comes to connecting the dots between how you want to feel and how your home can foster your goals.  


Anne’s Designs


Communal Spaces at Light Lab