About Me (the long version)

I've been obsessed with interior design long before I knew any such profession or scope of interest existed.  In elementary school, I started with my closet.  I turned it into a NYC apartment.  I decorated for every single holiday (flag day, arbor day... everything).  Setting up, organizing and decorating a space was my favorite part of every pretend career I played at.  And boy, did I love trying on new careers!  From teenager to young adult, I went from ballet dancer to actress to anthropology grad student to environmental public policy to college career counselor.  I was one of those people who just couldn't find something that stuck.   But for every move I made, there was a new apartment to decorate.  And THAT was awesome. 


After marrying and having kids and discovering that one of them has some intense learning disabilities, my life revolved around parenting for awhile.  Once my kids were in school,  I had a smidgen of time for myself and wanted to get my groove back.  Time to revisit my never-ending quest to find a career that clicked.  

I loved being creative and using my hands to make things.  I was into the whole repurposing DIY scene and that led to making my own designs and products, applying for and selling at juried craft shows in New York and Massachusetts.  It took a few years to get burnt out on the making aspect and to realize that what I really loved was both the design part and the talking to customers part.  Around the same time, my good friend, Karen Grant, was also getting burnt out with her own business making and selling things and we decided to join forces and create something wholly new to both of us. 

Karen and I co-founded Little Yellow Couch in 2013.  Together, we started a lifetstyle blog, taught workshops, hosted elaborate parties, and did a lot of DIY projects.  We wrote, we photographed, we created a ton of content.  In 2015, we decided to focus solely on interior design (our true passion), rather than keeping our scope wide, which had included fashion, travel and cooking, along with interiors.  We also decided to start a podcast.  The Style Matters podcast has been a game changer for Little Yellow Couch!  With the podcast, we were able to finally feel like we were interacting with a community of people who love interiors as much as we do.

By the beginning of 2018, we had interviewed over 100 of the top stylists, bloggers and designers working in interior design.  Our podcast made it to the "New and Noteworthy" list on iTunes.  We reached new audiences every month and began cultivating relationships with sponsors.  We started speaking at conferences about how to podcast.  It's been a true joy, but also a bit all-consuming.  In June of 2018, Karen made a decision that was really tough for her and sad for me: it was time for her to focus on new personal and professional goals and so she is no longer with Little Yellow Couch.  But we remain the greatest of friends and will continue to use each other as sounding boards in business and in life.  I'm truly happy that she's doing what's best for her and I know that If I ever have a Little Yellow Couch emergency, she'll have my back.   

Today, I'm running Little Yellow Couch and the Style Matters podcast on my own.  I still love it!  It energizes me and requires the perfect combination of creativity and entrepreneurship that I crave.  The first ever Little Yellow Couch Style Retreat is my next big adventure.  (You can read ALL about that over here).  And I'm looking forward to growing the podcast and developing retreats in 2018 and beyond.   Maybe we'll meet in person at a style retreat some day!  In the meantime, I hope to hear from you with your thoughts and questions about your home and making it the best place on earth.

xoxo Zandra

P.S. If you haven’t already, download my free worksheet on developing your own Style Manifesto!