Hi! I'm Zandra.

Welcome to my home! 



One thing I love to do is entertain, so come on in!


Since so much of my actual home is represented on this website, I like to think that I really am welcoming you into my home while you're clicking around. 

If you were here in person, I'd arrange some fresh flowers, offer you something to drink, lay out something to nibble on (using my vintage china) and get down to chatting about stuff that's important to both of us.  

Here's what's important to me: 

1.  Being kind.  As often as possible.  
(And we both know it's always possible.  But sometimes I'm in a bad mood.  And I'm sorry about that).

2.  Being real.  
Because, hey, I'm in my 40s.  And you couldn't pay me to go back to my 20s.  Back then, what I thought of myself actually depended on what other people thought of me.  I'd much rather hang out with you as my real self than pretending to be better or different than who I am.  And hopefully, that will make you feel like you can be real, too.

3.  My home.  
So I'm not a painter.  I'm not a  film director.  I'm not a novelist.  I was an actor for awhile (but that's another story).  And I'm definitely not a singer. (Totally tone deaf).  But even though I'm none of these things, I'm still a creative person.  (Aren't we all?  We can talk about that later if you disagree.)  Anyway, I can't separate my core self from creativity and so that's where my home comes in.  Developing my personal aesthetic and visually manifesting my autobiography IS my art.  It may not be Art with a capital A.  But who cares?  I'm not doing it for the capitalists.  (Ha.  Get it?)

4.  My family.
Like almost everyone, to say that my family is important to me would be a huge understatement.  I talk about them from time to time on the podcast or the blog.  But this isn't a parenting website or a relationship website so I don't dwell on my family too much here.  For now, let me just introduce you to Pete (my husband), Calvin (my oldest son who is 16) and Quinn (my youngest son who is 14).  I love them all like crazy.  



Want the long version?  

If you want a much longer version of my story you can have it.  (Yes, I know you're surprised to learn that I consider that last part the "short version").  

But if you want to know a little more about how Little Yellow Couch got started and how it has developed, it's in the long version.  

Listen, I know you may have better things to do than read even more about me.  And I won't hold it against you if you do.  But if, like me, you sometimes find yourself scrolling and clicking and scrolling and clicking ad nauseum during a fit of insomnia, here you go.  You can kill another 10 minutes.  You're welcome.  

But if you're done with me, let's get back to you.  What's your home like?  Does it make you feel happy?  Snug?  Creative?  Optimistic?  Healthy?   I hope it does at least some of this for you.  And I'm guessing you'd like it to do all of these things!  So let's find out.  Start by filling out this handy-dandy worksheet that'll take you through the process of writing up your very own Style Manifesto.  And then, please share it with me!  


How's that Style Manifesto going? Grab it and drop me a line.

You can email me anytime or fill out a handy-dandy form if you're interested in working with me or being a guest on the Style Matters podcast.  I'd love to hear from you!